BRZI MEDIJI obrt za marketing i usluge, vl. Aleksandar Grabarić


HEADQUARTERS: Otokara Keršovanija 6, 42000 Varaždin, Hrvatska

ID NUMBER: 97399108

OIB: 53670045064


JURISDICTION: Commercial Court in Varaždin, Braće Radić 2, 42000 Varaždin

OIB: 07397915111, MB: 03365042  

BANK ACCOUNT: Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Varaždin,

IBAN: HR9524840081106411388

The taxpayer is not in the VAT system according to Art. 90 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Value Added Tax Act.

Meaning of certain terms:

Agency – Brzi Mediji, trade for marketing and services, vl., Aleksandar Grabarić, Varaždin, Keršovanijeva 6., service provider

Client – a natural or legal person for whom the service will be performed, the client

Service – At the request of the Client, the Agency may perform the services listed in the full textual content of this website.

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter: the Terms) are accepted by all users (hereinafter referred to as the Client) of the services of the Brzi Mediji Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency). The Agency reserves the right to amend, delete and amend the provisions of these Terms at any time, without prior notice. The conditions become valid by publishing the changes on the Agency’s website ( The conditions apply independently as well as in combination with special contracts signed with the Client.

Subject of the General Terms and Conditions:

Services listed in the full textual content of this website.

All other services performed by the Agency for the Client, for which it has a registered activity as a subject of business with the competent Commercial Court, and which the Agency may provide to the Client in accordance with its request (hereinafter together: Services).

The General Terms and Conditions also apply to the Agency’s offer (hereinafter: the Offer), and the contractual relationship arising from the Client’s acceptance of the offer, as well as to the contracts concluded by the Agency with the Client (hereinafter: Contracts), and form an integral part of the same acts. , or contractual relations.


The Agency submits the Offer to the Client with all information about the service and marked prices expressed in HRK without VAT. Upon acceptance of the Offer, a Contractual Relationship is created, which makes these Terms valid and applicable.

For certain provisions, the Agency may enter into an Annex to the contract to which the General Terms and Conditions also apply.

When submitting the Offer or signing the contract, the Client is acquainted with the text of these Terms and further it is understood that the Client has fully understood them and fully accepts them.

The General Terms and Conditions are available on the Agency’s website.


The Agency undertakes to keep all data, related to the Client and his business, about which knowledge was acquired during the implementation of this Agreement, as a business secret for the duration of the Agreement as well as unlimited time after its termination.

The Agency will use the personal data submitted by the Client exclusively in the manner and for the purpose specified in the Agreement with the Client. The Agency will use the personal data of the Client for the purpose of identification, communication, information, and fulfillment of its legal obligations. The Agency will in no way make the Client’s data available to third parties.

The Agency is not responsible for any breach of personal data by the Client. Compensation for damage to a third party due to personal data breach is borne exclusively by the Client.


The Agency determines that the prices for services will be formed in accordance with the pre-accepted offer.

For services and activities not included in the offer, which will be performed by the Agency for the Client based on the written request of the Client, the prices will be agreed separately for each individual job.

The Agency issues to the Client an electronic invoice for the Services used by the Client, with the specification of the Services and an indication of the due date by which the Client is obliged to settle the invoice.

The Agency delivers all invoices to the Client by e-mail to the Client’s e-mail address, as well as in writing to the Client’s official address.


The Agency undertakes to provide services, professionally, with quality and conscientiousness, in accordance with the rules of the profession and at the level of professional ethics. The Agency guarantees the quality of its service through an agreement on the manner and scope of service, preparation and implementation of the service and upon completion of joint business cooperation is still available to the Client, depending on his wishes and requirements, which is regulated by the Annex or a new Agreement. joint cooperation.


With its professional approach and conscientiousness, the Agency will do everything necessary to meet the agreed deadlines. The client undertakes to make invoice payments within the specified deadlines and in accordance with the signed agreement on joint cooperation, ie the issued transfer or invoice. In case of non-compliance with the stated deadlines, the Agency reserves the right to immediately terminate the agreement on joint cooperation and use legal protection through the competent court.


The Contracting Parties shall not be liable for non-performance of any obligation under the Contractual Relationship if the inability to perform is the result of force majeure – an event beyond the control of the Contracting Parties as well as an event independent of their will, which would directly affect the performance of negligence of any contracting party.


The Client is required to use the Agency’s Services responsibly.

The Agency reserves the right to suspend and / or terminate the Service to any Client who uses the Agency’s Services in a manner that adversely affects other users.

In case of breach of the terms and services of the Agreement, the Agency may take the necessary actions against the Client’s users (third parties). The client undertakes to cooperate with the Agency in preventing or correcting unwanted activities. The failure of cooperation on such corrective and preventive measures is a violation of the Agency’s Terms and Conditions and the Agency reserves the right to take the envisaged legal measures.


The Client agrees that the Agency uses the performed Service for its own references for the purpose of promoting its own services.


By accepting the service or offer of the Third Party of the contract, the Client also accepts the possibility for the Third Party to subsequently change the conditions of providing its service, which the Agency cannot influence or be responsible for. By using the Third Party Services, the Client also accepts their terms.


The contractual relationship is concluded for a definite period of time with the duration defined by the Offer, which by acceptance leads to the emergence of a contractual relationship.

The Contracting Parties may terminate the Contract by sending the cancellation of the Contract to the other Contracting Party in writing by registered mail to the address of the Contracting Parties or by e-mail to the Agency’s address [email protected], or to the Client’s e-mail address.

By canceling the service, the Agency does not refund the amount paid and reserves the right to collect the time spent for the purpose of previous business cooperation with the Client.

If the Client does not settle the due obligations to pay the amount specified in the contract or monthly installments based on the invoice for the provided Service within 30 days, the Agency may suspend any further performance of its obligations under the contract without special notice to the Client.

The Agency reserves the right to terminate the provision of its services if it deems it necessary. The Agency may cancel the Service for any reasons it deems justified.


In the event of a dispute that the parties would not resolve amicably, they agree that the dispute be resolved in the competent court in Varaždin.


The terms form the entire agreement on cooperation between the contracting parties. Any statements and conditions not set forth in writing will not be construed to in any way challenge, alter or affect the terms of the contractual relationship.

The Terms replace all previous oral, electronic or written agreements between the contracting parties, except for certain services that have been specifically agreed in the written Agreement.

The Client confirms that the Agency has been acquainted with all useful information related to the services specified in the signed mutual cooperation agreement before concluding the contractual relationship.